Is indoor tanning safe?

Few things can be considered safe. There are risks from exposure to the sun or a sunbed as noted on our equipment and consent form. My job is to teach Smart tanning to help you get a cosmetic tan while minimizing your risk of sunburn.

Will tanning treat my psoriasis or acne?

If you are tanning for something other than cosmetic reasons, you should contact your doctor. My job is to give you a beautiful tan and help you prevent sunburn.

How many sessions does it take to get a base tan?

It usually takes 8-10 sessions to achieve a base tan. To maintain, tan 1-2 times a week.

How often can I tan?

It is recommended tanning every other day. You can tan every day with 24 hours between sessions. This gives your skin time to process the tan.

Why do I need to wear goggles if I cover my face with a towel?

A towel only acts like a filter. It is necessary to wear FDA approved goggles. Not doing so can cause permeant eye damage. Eyelids are not thick enough to shield out UV light.

Why do I have a white spot on my tail bone that won't tan?

When tanning make sure to allow air to get to your back. When laying completely still, some areas do not get oxygen and as a result, will not tan. These areas are usually on pressure points.

Why do my lips get so chapped when I tan?

Lips do not produce melanin and can burn easily. Protect your lips by applying a lip balm with SPF in it.

I am taking prescription medications, is it ok to tan?

Some medications can increase your sensitivity to UV light. Please consult with your physician before tanning.

Should I shower before or after tanning?

Clean skin tans the best. Showering before tanning is recommended, but not required. Remove make-up or perfume/cologne (with baby wipes supplied in rooms) prior to tanning; as they may cause sensitivity to UV light. If you choose to shower after tanning, wait at least 2 hours. This allows time for your lotion to activate and develop.

What do I wear while tanning?

Always remove jewelry, watches, or anything with grommets before your tanning session. You may tan in swim wear, under garments, or natural. Cover areas that have not been exposed to the sun or UV light, for part of your session.

Can I use an outdoor tanning lotion?

No, the ingredients in most outdoor lotions, will ruin the acrylics. Please ask an attendant for help choosing the perfect lotion for you.

Why is my skin so dry?

Tanning does dry your skin. It is important to keep your skin moisturized while tanning. Moisturized skin absorbs UV light, dry skin deflects the UV light. We offer a variety of indoor tanning lotions to help you achieve your tanning goals.

My skin doesn't tan and is very sensitive to the sunlight. Can indoor tanning help me achieve a tan?

Indoor tanning beds mimic the sun. If you are unable to tan outdoors, it is unlikely that an indoor UV bed will tan you. Please stop in for a Free Skin Type Analysis to determine your skins tanning potential.
The Golden Rule of Smart Tanning is: Don't EVER sunburn.
If you are unable to tan in a UV bed, try sunless tanning. Now offering Pura Sunless Spray Booth. Achieve a cosmetic tan in just 1 session that will last approximately, 5-7 days. Ingredients are Paraben free and 100% Vegan.