Skin Care

Achieve a Dark, Long Lasting Tan

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Skincare plays an important role in the outcome of your tanning results. Tanning can dry the skin, so its important to moisturize. Moisturized skin will absorb the UV light helping to influence the tanning process for a faster, darker, and longer lasting tan. Without the use of lotion, skin will deflect UV light, causing undesirable tanning results.

At Suntan USA we offer a variety of tanning lotions to help you achieve your tanning goals. Tanning lotions contain vitamins, nutrients, age-defying, and firming ingredients for healthier looking skin. Below is an explanation of the different kind of lotions and what they do. 307-237-1177

*Maximizer/ Accelerators: Naturally promote dark, bronze color through hydration and skin conditioning ingredients. Optimizes skin's natural color potential.

*Natural Bronzers: Natural based extracts ingredients to provide immediate color. Examples of natural bronzers include Walnut Shell Extract, Caramel, Henna and Melanin. Great for tanners looking to build a natural tan without the use of DHA.

*DHA Bronzers: Darken pigment-producing proteins in the skin, giving an extra boost of color that will develop hours after a tanning session.

*Tingles: These products are not recommended for sensitive skin and to only be used by advanced tanners. Tingles stimulate the skin and deliver a heating and reddening effect to help create an instant, long lasting tan